Chic On The Runway: Valentino Pre-Fall 2013

The Valentino Pre-Fall collection is full of just about every fall/winter texture; lace, wool, feathers, shearling, sequins, wool even whimsical embroidered animals and patterned furs. Bold, modern, and structured pieces ARE the Valentino Pre-Fall collection. Valentino always has the ability to mix very classical looks with modern elements (hence Valentino Rockstud pieces). Small details such as scalloped hems on ornate lace dresses, feathered bibs and collars really gave the collection life. I fell in love with the flared shift dress covered in butterflies. Pure artwork. An otherwise plain, long sleeved black dress with clear PVC detail was also an amazing piece. PVC is a trend that goes in and out of style decade after decade but I’m almost certain that it’s never been done as classically and as this Valentino piece. The classical Italian lace dresses were an awesome constrast juxtaposed against the modern chic look of one of Pre-Fall’s most popular item: capes. Valentino has totally recreated the classic cape and made it more modern and tailored. My favorite cape piece was the short black cape dress. Effortlessly done and this is a piece that will be popping up in other labels’ collections for sure. Well done, Valentino. 

(Photos from 

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