Chic On The Runway: DKNY Pre-Fall 2014

DKNY Pre-Fall 2014 is a collection that is sporty and safe for work. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can walk into your job wearing every single piece of the collection, but there’s plenty of looks that are totally perfect for the workplace. What also makes this collection unique is that you can translate those workplace pieces into a casual look rather effortlessly. The wide leg pant with bold white striping can go from a classy work piece paired with a collared shirt and blazer, and then be paired with a sexy crop top for a night out (all from the DKNY collection of course!). The nod to 80’s and 90’s fashion is so appropriate being that it’s almost 25 years since DKNY was founded. These decades are expressed with simple silhouettes, such as shift dresses, skirt and blazer seperates, cropped hoodies, and straight tailoring. I loved the mesh details that were super popular in the 90’s but in this collection, the sometimes tacky mesh look was created into a super classy trench coat, shorts with solid striping and a shirt dress with a mesh hem. This collection is definitely a collection that can be worn right off the runway onto the streets of any city. That’s pizza and caviar for you. 
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