Chic On The Runway: Balmain Pre-Fall 2014

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing has created an amazing Pre-Fall collection; it looks like a couture safari at first glance. Rousteing was inspired by the photographer Peter  Beard, who took photos of a young Iman in Africa. He was pushed by the idea that Balmain  is for “all the girls in the world.” He was even so inspired by this idea that he made the Pre-Fall collection a little more accessible; by adding cotton sportswear to the line to make some pieces more affordable. Both zebra and cheetah print made an appearance in the collection; including a leopard print open pleated skirt , that was almost reminiscent of a medieval knight’s kilt (totally in a good way). The pairing of animal print next to black leather and gold chains was very now and the leather cargo sweatpants were an ode to 2000 mens fashion, very hip hop and heavy. Paired with a crop top? Perfection. I was also intrigued by the gorgeous olive color incorporated in this collection. This color totally fit in to the collection and gave the collection that element of control, almost like something a lion tamer would wear in this safari of fashion. The olive was done in a perfect way and did not make it look like a uniform. Balmain is a label that just keeps getting better and better every collection. Olivier is only 28 and he has so much more in store for us. LOVE. 


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