What The Chic Am I Wearing? Fall Layers & Ankle Boots

Fall is that time for layering. Vegan suede shift dress + a knit turtleneck? Solid yes. 
I’m a major fan of mixing all my finds together, whether they’re from the thrift shop, Target, or designer brands I get a great deal on – they’re all always incorporated in my look. 
Vegan suede shift dress: Target
Knit Turtleneck:  Ann Taylor
Ankle boots: Alexander Wang 
Cut-Out Circle ear jackets: Forever 21
My favorite piece right now are my Alexander Wang Anouck ankle booties. Total designer splurge but who could say no to a pointed toe ankle boot with rose gold detailing? 
Not me, anyways. 
My mixing and matching isn’t just limited to my clothing, I love to do it with my jewelry too. It’s all about layering glam pieces and making them unique.
Green ring: Mom’s Jewelry Box
Crystal Shard Ring: Bing Bang Jewelry
Pointed Cuff: Nordstrom
 Watch: Michael Kors
Marquis Cuff: Bing Bang Jewelry
Silver Ring: Nana’s Jewelry Box 
Charm Bracelet, (various charms): Pandora
I usually take my photos solo, but I had a little creative direction from my girl, Jasmine of brokebuthighmaintenance.com 😉 

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