Chic On The Move: Two Words – ART. BASEL.

This weekend, your girl packed her bags and headed down to Miami for Art Basel. I’ve been dying to go ever since I saw Beyoncé posted up next to all the collections back in 2012. (Is it bad that I found out about Art Basel via Beyoncé?). We headed down to Wynwood and checked out a few galleries – Gallery 212 and Robert Fontaine Gallery were my faves. I loved seeing all of the artists’ work and checking out Wynwood. It’s a total artsy town, all the buildings are painted with murals and plenty of color, hosting a ton of galleries. It definitely came alive for Art Basel, despite the record amount of rain in the city during the weekend! Not the move. 
I also checked out Rec Room at the Gale Hotel in South Beach on my last night in town and it was one of the best times I’ve had out – ever. It was a very chill, basement party vibe with dope music and a cool crowd. It was a little tight when it got packed but it definitely worked with the vibe of the place. If you’re visiting Miami, the Rec Room move needs to happen.
This trip to MIA was a total moment – now back to the lab. 
How cool and artsy is Wynwood? Love. 

Heineken partnered with Montana cans and had artists spray paint art on a trailer. Way cool. 

I love all these pieces from the galleries around Wynwood. These artists are all so talented. 
A quick little glimpse of my night out at Rec Room. 

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