What The Chic Is She Wearing? Transitional Layers

Spring, just like fall is textbook transitional weather. One minute it’s chilly like it’s still winter and the next minute your peeling your clothes off like it’s already summer.  My way to combat this annoyance and still be the fashion forward girl is layering. It’s key to your sanity and your look during transitional periods. I’m still obsessed with this denim coat I snagged last fall, because it’s so unique and it is the perfect layering piece. It’s warm enough to wear as a coat on warmer Spring mornings but is also cool enough to get through the warmer afternoons. (I keep telling myself that I’m actually going to close it up and wear it as a dress but it still hasn’t happened). My favorite look for it, is paired with a shift or shirt dress, because I love the long denim coat contrasted with the short dress. I wore these killer over the knee boots to pull it all together. Had pull them out for the last time (maybe) before I store them until fall. 
Transitional weather is definitely that time to wear all of your favorite pieces together. 
Denim Coat: Topshop
Shirtdress: Miss Selfridge 
Boots: Ivanka Trump
Purse: Unique Thrift
Sunglasses: Gucci 


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