What The Chic Is She Wearing? The Fray

Lately, I’ve been OBSESSED with raw/frayed hem denim. This trend has been popping up everywhere on bloggers and celebs for a few seasons now, and it’s a cool and easy update to your denim game. I snagged these culottes during a mini haul at Zara. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep them, but a home fit sesh pairing them with a few of my tops and shoes made them keepers. They looked good with 90% of the pieces I paired them with, and we all know this is a rare occurrence. 
The culottes have this boho, super casual look to them, but they have the ability to work with fitted and dressier pieces which gives them a really different vibe. Paired with a fitted striped crop and metallic heeled wedges make for an edgier look. I’m all about pieces you can rework during each wear.
I feel like I’m going to wear the hell out of these culottes this Spring/Summer. They might just be my new uniform. 

Top: Forever 21 
Culottes: Zara 
Mules: ShoeDazzle
Crossbody: Zara

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