What The Chic Is She Wearing? Chic-ella Day 2


My second look for Coachella inspired fashion is a comfortable, easy look, all while showing a little skin. I’m really loving the off-shoulder trend, because it’s one that every girl should and can try. Depending on the piece and how you pair it, it can be super flattering and either sexy or casual. I paired my off-shoulder dress with platform sandals and a crossbody bag. I added the texture and the drama from a chunky fringe cardigan to give it a little more drama and more of a bohemian flare. What makes this look even cooler is that it’s all items I’ve snagged at a few thrift shops and a dress that my grandmother gave to me after she realized it was sitting in her closet for too long – and no, she did not wear it off-shoulder!


Coachella is wrapping up, but this look can definitely be carried over to the next festival. Check out your local or (not-so-local) thrift for some gems. 


Cardigan: Topshop (Beacon’s Closet)
Sunglasses + Bag: Gucci (Progress Thrift Shop + Unique Thrift) 
Dress: Nana’s closet 
Shoes: Kor-Ease (Inspirations Thrift Shop) 




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