What The Chic Is She Wearing? {Denim} Bombs Over Baghdad

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I dress for my mood and I have an unhealthy obsession with denim. (Everyone has their vices – don’t judge!)  This day, I was in a chill kind of mood and went for a jeans and tee look. Band tees and tour merch are on every celeb right now, and really are a new classic in every wardrobe. However, instead of a legendary rock band, I donned a tee from the legendary hip hop duo – Outkast. Pairing the band tee with a pair of on-trend patchwork denim, gave this look major chill vibes. I added a vintage denim vest, and created a choker look out of a bandana, grabbed my bag and experimentally threw on fur slides, which worked so well with the look. 
Can one ever wear enough denim?
Tee: Urban Outfitters 
Vest: Levi’s 
Denim: Free People 
Purse: Reed
Purse Scarf: DKNY
Bandana: Unique Thrift
Aviators: eBay

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