What The Chic Is She Wearing?: Elevation

On Sunday, I headed out to brunch with a few of my friends at Il Bastardo in NYC. Seriously one of the best brunches I’ve ever been to. They have music, an awesome crowd and if you get the pre-fix brunch, they give you a whole bottle of your choice of drink. Lit? Lit. 
Being that I was going to a brunch that was more of a club atmosphere, I wanted to wear something a little casual, but elevated. In order to pump up my look, I pulled out these over the knee peep toe boots to give my look a little more drama. 
A little sex appeal never hurt anyone, so I paired a black bodycon zippered detail dress with the boots, but threw on an oversized camouflage jacket to keep it casual. I loved this look because it was super easy to wear, but so fashion forward. 
Who says you can’t have it all?
Jacket: Unique Thrift 
Dress: Aqua by Bloomingdale’s 
Boots: Shakuhachi
Bag: MCM
Choker: Forever 21 


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