What The Chic Is She Wearing?: Mums The Word

The floral trend is everywhere right now, and a trend that was thought for Spring, is now a Fall staple. I got my hands on this killer embroidered moto jacket by BlankNYC and I can’t get enough of it. It really caught my eye because of a hand painted leather jacket by Gucci. I love how feminine the floral detail is and how masculine the structure of the moto jacket is. I’m not even sure if these flowers are roses, or just a random flower, but it’s the perfect statement piece for Fall. I’m really into pieces that require minimum styling, and can just speak on their own. For a little more drama, I paired my jacket with booties, a velvet choker, a vintage style tee and a pair of distressed, raw hem grey denim for an edgy, rocker chic look. 
It’s always fun to let your clothing tell the story for you. 
Moto Jacket: BLANKNYC
Booties: Alexander Wang
Choker: Forever 21 

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